Recover Data from Unallocated Partition

“Couple of days before, I was in a big trouble with my portable HDD. Suddenly it was showed as unallocated space. It didn’t appear at “My Computer”, but shown in “Disk management” as unallocated space. The files in the HDD were very important to me and I didn’t have any backup of those files. I was trying to recover those files and I didn’t format the HDD. Then one of my friends recommended me about ExFAT recovery software. I downloaded it and tried it for recovering data from unallocated partition. Surprisingly, all the files were retrieved. Then I purchased the full version and saved those files. Now, I have saved them at two places to avoid losing them again.”

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Recommendations –

  • Always keep a backup of important files
  • Do not use the device until recovery is performed on it, to avoid overwriting

Please Note – Files once overwritten cannot be retrieved using any recovery tool.

Understanding about partition

Partition is the divided hard disk space that a user can utilize to store different kind of data. Suppose, you have created four partitions of your system hard drive – one for movies, one for pictures, one for songs and one for important documents. This will ensure easy and fast access of the desired kind of file and even ensure the safety. That means your important documents will be safe as they are out of reach while you manage your audio songs or pictures. 

When an external drive is connected to a system, it is also treated as a partition; as discussed in above real-time scenario.

There are various reasons due to which a partition might display as unallocated. Some of them are discussed below –

  • Shrinking or expanding already existing partitions – It is normal to shrink or expand existing partitions to match the users’ requirements; but if this process is performed by using an unreliable partitioning tool, then it might corrupt the partition. This in turn might turn them as RAW or unallocated.
  • Virus infection – Viruses are the main cause of corruption in any kind of file or drive. They might also corrupt the partition and make them as unallocated.
  • Abrupt removal of external hard drive – When an externally connected drive is abruptly removed from a system then the result can be drive corruption. Severe corruption in these drives might make them as unallocated. To restore data from RAW external hard drive, this tool will be very much useful.
  • File System corruption – RAW or unallocated partition means that the file system of that particular partition or drive is corrupted or missing. The reason for file system corruption can be due to sudden system shutdown, installation of incompatible software, virus attack, etc.

Recover unallocated partition data with ExFAT recovery tool

To recover data from unallocated partition, ExFAT recovery tool will prove to be the best option. This tool is developed by some of the industry experts using advanced and powerful scanning algorithms. The intuitive user-interface enables even a normal user to recover unallocated partition data, without any difficulty or any kind of technical assistance. The software helps in recovering data from unallocated partition formatted with any type of file system, FAT, ExFAT or NTFS. To restore data from a FAT32 partition, visit

The tool is available as free demo version that can be downloaded from the links provided on this page. Unique and powerful features of ExFAT recovery software makes it extremely easy to recover unallocated partition data. With the help of this sofwtare, you can also recover logical partition data that has been lost or deleted due to some common reasons. Demo version provides a Preview option that helps in evaluating the tool’s performance.

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How to recover data from unallocated partition?

1. From the main screen, select “Recover Drives” option

Recover Unallocated Partition Data  - Main Screen

Figure A. Main Screen

2. Then select “Partition Recovery”. For recovering data from unallocated partition, select it and proceed.

Recover Unallocated Partition Data  - Select Partition Recovery

Figure B. Select Partition Recovery

3. Now the tool will display all the recovered data. Preview and save the files

Recover Unallocated Partition Data - Recovered Files

Figure C. Data View

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