Excellent Lost Partition Recovery Tool

Hard drive is the basic means of data storage on computers. In order to manage the files it divided in different partitions.  User can categorize the files and store them on different partitions. This makes the file retrieval easy and fast and thus saves the valuable time in searching for your file.  In fact, it method separates the operating system files from the users files and avoids any further problems

However, while performing certain task users by mistake perform wrong task that can end up in partition loss. This tends to huge data loss saved on the lost partition. In such cases, users have to take the help of recovery software to recover lost partition files. One of such amazing software is Restore Lost Partition. This effective recovery software in built by the professional experts to retrieve lost partition data

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What are the reasons that lead to missing partitions from your system?

Reinstalling operating system:  There are times, where you observe the operating system acting weirdly.  In such times, you will be left with no other option than reinstalling the operating system.  If a user is not aware about the reinstallation process, certainly he may end up losing any of the partitions that contains his valuable data.

Resizing partitions:   Due to constant use, your hard drives will be occupied with maximum data. During such times, any of the partition may lack space and you may have to resize it, in order to get some space to save your files. In such case, you might lose partitions due to improper operations carried. Take the aid of Restore Lost Partition to retrieve lost partition data

Changing File system:  At certain times, you may have to upgrade the old file systems, to new one. This generally is required, when you change the operating systems to higher versions. If the user has insufficient knowledge about the process, he can eventually end up in losing the partition. Utilize Restore Lost Partition option to retrieve lost partition from Window XP and other higher versions.

Features of Recover Lost Partition Tool:

Restore Lost Partition is the one the best application that is designed to recover Lost Partition by using the advanced features that are specifically programmed in this tool. As soon as the restoring process gets completed the recovered files are listed on the basis of file name, size of the file, date in which the file was created and the different signatures that are associated with these files.

The different types of file systems that are supported by partition recovery program are NTFS, FAT16, FAT32, HFS+, HFSX and Ex-Fat partitions. The user can take help of the Save Recovery Session option to save the recovery process at any point of time and resume it at later stage, without the need of scanning the entire drive again. Install the demo version of the recovery program to evaluate retrieve lost partition results and henceforth purchase the tool to save the recovered files respectively.

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Guidelines to restore lost partition:

1. Download and install the application program in the system and click on “Recover Drives” option that is provided to you

Restore Lost Partition - Main Screen

Figure A. Main Screen

2. In the next screen click on “Partition Recovery” and click on the partition that you have lost. Now software starts the scanning process

Restore Lost Partition - Select Partition Recovery

Figure B. Select Partition Recovery

3. Preview the files prior to saving them on desired destination location

Restore Lost Partition- Recovered Files

Figure C. Data View

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