Recover ExFAT Partition on Windows XP

The file system is one among the major components present in Windows operating system. Everyone uses computers to store various types of information such as office work, pictures, movies, mp3 files and many other applications. These applications or files vary in size in accordance with their content and quality. FAT partition allows us to store a single file of size not exceeding more than 4GB whereas the latest file system of Microsoft, the exFAT (extended file allocation table) is capable of storing a single file of size ranging from 4GB to 50TB. Most of the information is stored in single partition in the computer as a result the loss of that partition will bring all your work to a standstill. Don’t panic as you can recover ExFAT partition on Windows XP easily recovered with the help of exFAT partition recovery tool, which recovers your partition without damaging the data it contains.

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Scenarios for loss or deletion of partition are:

Unintentional Deletion:  It is possible that while deleting some partition, to get rid of the data present inside it, you might accidentally delete some other partition. This will lead to deletion of all the important files & folders that you can’t afford to lose. In order to restore deleted files from exFAT partition you need a recovery tool.

Virus Attack: Virus gains access into your system and corrupt the file system present in it, that is necessary for the working of the operating system. It may also sometimes deletes the entire partition present in the system, resulting in huge data loss.

Erroneous Disk Partitioning: Partitions get deleted or damaged as a result of erroneous disk partitioning. Even a skilled person might make a mistake that may lead to an error and hence all the partition present in the system gets damaged, leading to loss of the entire data.

Power Surge: As a result of too much workload, sometimes you tend to work on the system for long duration of time, without noticing the frequent power cuts that occur. Sometimes the system hangs or shuts down abruptly, thereby affecting one or all the partitions present in it.

OS installation: OS re-installation is frequent in today’s generation as new operating systems are coming up with advanced versions, equipped with attractive features. As a result while installing new OS you might format or delete the partition that contains essential data by mistake.

Hard Drive Failure:  Hard drive failure occurs as a result of over usage of the system, or due to bad sectors present in the drive. This drive failure will result in loss of data from all the partitions present in the system. It even makes the partitions inaccessible, thereby blocking access to the information present in that volume.

The ExFAT partition recovery tool built with advanced scanning algorithms that scan the entire drive to recover data from formatted exFAT partition, even after reinstalling Windows on that particular ExFAT-partition and guide you how to recover ExFAT partition on windows XP?. Recovering the data lost as a result of partitioning errors is made easy with the help of simple graphical user interface present built in the tool to support easy recovery of the data. It gives us an option to add or edit the file extensions that are not listed in the recovered list of files.”Save Recovery Session” is an advanced feature present in this tool which helps us to resume the saving process at any desired time. Retrieve data from exFAT drive and save it to CD/DVD or to any accessible drives.

Flash drives are the important storage media that is used for storing and accessing the files that are saved in the system. This storage medium supports the storage of almost all types of files and hence using this device you can share it to any system that is available. During the proces of file transfer you may end up losing some of the important files. Don't get upset! Get on this link and know how to recover the files from flash drive.

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Note: This most popular application also enables you to recover ExFAT SD card files lost due to accidental deletion, sudden system failure, etc. from the different versions of computer such as Windows 7, Windows 8 and many more along with Mac OS. It also supports recovery of deleted partitions from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS and NTFS5 file system. To know more about recovery from deleted partitions, click here

Steps to know how to recover ExFAT partition on Windows XP?

1. Download and install the software in the suitable system. Select the “Recover Partitions/ Drives”option from the main screen.

Recover ExFAT Partition on Windows Xp - Main Screen

Figure A. Main Screen

2. Select “Partition Recovery” option from the next screen.

Recover ExFAT Partition on Windows Xp - Select Partition Recovery

Figure B. Select Partition Recovery

3. Select the affected exFAT partition.

Recover ExFAT Partition on Windows Xp - Select Drive

Figure C. Select Drive

4. Recovered files are listed in “Data View” or “File Type View” select the file you want to recover and save it to the desired location.

Recover ExFAT Partition on Windows Xp - Save Recovered

Figure D. Save File

Tip : Always save the recovered files in the drive different from the affected one.

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