How to Restore NTFS Partition?

Are you unable to access your crucial data from NTFS partition or the partition is lost or got formatted and do you want to know how to restore NTFS partition in order to get all your data back from it? If YES, then no need to get worried as you can easily recover NTFS partition and to perform this recovery task you have reached to the safe place. Here you will get an excellent tool that will surely help you to recover NTFS partition in a small amount of time.

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NTFS is a New Technology File System introduced by Microsoft to replace FAT file system. Now it has become a standard file system of various operating systems like Windows NT, Windows XP, Vista, 7, and all other Windows server versions. The new file system has many advanced features such as a log file to record changes made to the partition, encryption file system uses to a symmetric key to protect a file, provides high performance, supports RAID mechanism, more reliable, disk space utilization ,etc.

However, there are various reasons because of which you need to know how to restore NTFS partition. As mentioned earlier, here is an excellent tool named as NTFS Partition Recovery Software that will surely help you to recover NTFS partition in an effective and efficient way. This excellent tool has been designed with many advanced features using which you can easily restore NTFS partition and it also acts as a deleted partition recovery tool in order to recover deleted partition in just a few mouse clicks.

You need to recover NTFS partition due to following reasons

Damaged NTFS Partition: NTFS partition may get damaged or corrupted due to system malfunction or virus infection. If the partition is damaged, then you won’t be able to access any of your important data stored on it.

Formatted Partition: Formatting is lead to complete data deletion without leaving even hidden files. So, formatting the NTFS partition knowingly or unknowingly will complete delete all the data stored on it.

Due to Error:  Sometimes, when you try to access data from your NTFS partition you may find an error message like “Drive not formatted. Do you want to format it?” In such condition all the data stored on it will be lost.

Invalid partition table, non system disk, file system displayed as RAW, sector not found messages, etc are few more scenarios that may lead to data loss or deletion from your NTFS partition. So, it is important for you to make use of NTFS partition recovery software to recover NTFS partition or to retrieve NTFS partition to get back all the lost or deleted data from NTFS partition. If you have lost data while resizing the partition then also you can make use of this software. It can recover partiton after resize with utmost ease.

Features of NTFS partition recovery software

NTFS Partition Recovery Software is an excellent tool which has been recommended by industry professionals to recover NTFS partition. This is more reliable and safe tool that you can use to recover partition along with that it also allows you to recover files from RAW partition in an effective way. It facilitates you to retrieve NTFS partition which has been corrupted, lost, formatted and deleted. It has an ability to rescue NTFS partition on both Windows and Mac systems. It has fast and effective scanning algorithm that scans your entire drive to rescue NTFS partition. It is a simple user friendly interface that allows even a non technical person to retrieve NTFS partition in few simple steps. Without altering or editing the original data, it will recover NTFS partition. It has an ability to recover NTFS partition on both internal and external hard drive. “Preview” option of this tool enables you to view the recovered partition data before saving.

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Steps to restore NTFS partition

1. Download and install the demo version of this software on your computer. Launch this tool, you will get a main screen and select Recover Drives and Recover Deleted/Lost Files option

Recover NTFS Partition - Select Recover Drive

2. It will search for available hard drive partitions i.e. NTFS partition and specify the Drive from which you want to recover files.

Recover NTFS Partition - Select Drive

3. If you are satisfied from this recovery tool, buy this software then you can Save the recovered deleted files and select the Preview option to view the recovered files from NTFS partition

Recover NTFS Partition - Save Recovered Deleted Pictures

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