ExFAT Partition Recovery From SSD

Comparing traditional hard drives SSD provides enormous benefits. It has the potential to become the best replacement to maximize the performance of PC. The extravagant features of SSD for considering it as the best replacement are the following: more durable, light-weight, cost effective, shock proof, provides faster data transfer rate. Without doubt SSD drives will fit in perfectly to improve your computing experience drastically. SSD drive partitions help people to manage the files more efficiently; you can manage files like pictures, videos, documents and other data smartly than ever.

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ExFAT is a platform independent file system comparing other file system. It is mostly used in external storage devices like SSD , memory cards, etc. ExfAT file system helps you to use the external storage device more efficiently as you don’t need to reformat the file system every time. SSD drive is no different when it comes to losing files from its partition. There are several situations that lead to data loss from ExFAT SSD drive. If in any case you have removed or lost data from ExFAT partition of SSD drive, then you just have to understand that you can easily recover lost ExFAT partition from SSD if you act at the right time. Before having a look at the specific tool to recover lost ExFAT partition from SSD, lets learn the accountable factors that led to loss of data from ExFAT partition of SSD.

Accountable factors leading to data loss from ExFAT SSD drive:

  • Formatting SSD: Accidental formatting of ExFAT SSD partition will erase the entire files from the SSD drive within no time.
  • Accidental Deletion: Deleting the files from ExFAT drive without proper verification of files before deletion may lead to permanent deletion of files from SSD drive
  • Virus Infiltration: Virus attacks are another common cause that makes the ExFAT file system corrupt thereby the files stored in the SSD drive becomes inaccessible.
  • Transfer interruption: While transferring data from SSD drive to system hard drive or any other storage device, any sort of interruption like power surge or abrupt system shut down will end up in ExFAT file system corruption and end up with loss of entire data.

It’s always advised to keep back up of all the essentials. But people often fail to do resulting in situations like these leading to loss of ExFAT partition. In such cases you might think of how to recover lost ExFAT partition from SSD? Here is where ExFAT Recovery will be of great help.

ExFAT Recovery is the right choice to restore your ExFAT partition from SSD drive in any of the above mentioned situations. This tool rigorously scans the entire ExFAT partition of SSD drive and will retrieve lost files and folders from ExFAT partition of SSD drive. This utility is extremely easy to use; the highly efficient graphical user interface gives much needed faster accessing feature to the user helping to faster recovery of lost ExFAT partition from SSD. The tool has the capacity to identify all major file formats of photo (JPG, PNG, GIF, PIC, IMG, BMP, etc), audio (MP3, WAV, M4A, AMR, etc) , video (MP4, MPEG, AVI, FLV, DAT, etc) , document, compressed documents, etc. In addition to ExFAT file system it also facilitates data recovery from corrupted FAT32, FAT16, NTFS, NTFS5 and other file systems on various storage devices. This tool is highly recommended to restore lost or deleted partition from SSD in Windows and Mac environment.

Additional features of ExFAT Recovery application:

  • It comes with a well designed graphical user interface where user gets step by step guidance to perform data recovery in lost ExFAT partitions from SSD on Windows 8, Windows 7, Window XP and Server 2003, 2008 editions.

  • Besides recovering lost ExFAT partition from SSD, it can also recover corrupted partitions of hard drive, memory card, USB pen drive, external hard drive and other storage devices.

  • Trial version of the ExFAT Recovery can be used by the user to evaluate the performance of the utility; it comes with all the features except saving option.

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ExFAT drive recovery procedure –

Step 1 – From the main screen select “Recover Drives” option.

Figure A. Main Screen

Step 2 – Then select “Partition Recovery” option.

Figure B. Select Partition Recovery

Step 3 – Now choose the corrupted ExFAT partition and click the next arrow button to start the scanning process.

Figure C. Select Drive

Step 4 – After that a list of recovered data is displayed. Preview the files. If the results are satisfying then buy the full version to save the restored data.

Figure D. Save Recovered

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