How to Recover Logical Partition?

A partition is a logical division of a hard disk so that the user can have more than one Operating System on the same hard disk. The partition is created when you format the hard disk. It is very useful to split the hard disk into several partitions. Since each partition will work like a separate disk drive, you can use it for storing different categories of data in it. It’s like a database for saving, storing and transferring data on computer. Having so many of advantages, sometimes partitions might get corrupted or damaged.

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However, let's consider a situation where your logical partition might get corrupted. Due to some situation, you may decide to resize i.e., to shrink or extend the partition by using some third party utility. After resizing the partition, you will not be able to access it and your logical hard drive might have got corrupted. So, this might make you start thinking is it possible to retrieve logical partition? Yes, it is possible by using ExFAT Recovery software. It helps you to know how to recover logical partition and its extended partitions. It also helps you to recover partition after resize.    

Reasons behind the logical partition corruption are explained below:

  • Incorrect Repartitioning: Usually when you buy a new computer, it has only one drive. After some time the user might need another one for the user’s personal use. So the user decides to repartition it. While repartitioning, the user may encounter some error and process gets ended suddenly and this may lead to logical partition corruption.

  • Changing File System: File systems play a main role in partitioning the hard drive. If small changes done to file system, it makes the entire logical drive inaccessible and may lead to corruption.  

  • Virus Attack: While transferring infected data from flash drives to computer may affect the file system and when it reaches severity then the partition may becomes inaccessible.

To overcome all the above scenarios, you can utilize ExFAT Recovery program which helps you to restore logical partition in an efficient way. It has an effective scanning algorithm that scans the drive in few minutes. You can also use this effective tool in order to recover GUID partition with utmost ease.

Salient Features of ExFAT Recovery Software:

ExFAT Recovery is an excellent tool, which is used to recover logical partition. This is more reliable and safe tool that you can use for logical partition recovery along with that it also allows you to recover deleted partition. This ultimate application supports different types of HDDs like SCSI, SATA and IDE hard disks so, it helps to restore logical partition from these hard drives. Using the powerful recovery algorithm of the software you can easily perform logical partition recovery. With the help of this software, you can recover logical partition from all versions of Windows Operating System. This software has a best quality features to perform partition recovery option to restore logical partition. It has a capability to recover the file systems, which are changed intentionally and also retrieve data from the file system which is damaged through virus. It is compatible on both Windows and Mac OS based computers.

Procedure for logical partition recovery:

1. Download and install ExFAT recovery software to recover logical partition. Run the tool and select “Recover Drives” option from the main screen to get back logical partition.

Recover Logical Partition - Select Recover Drives

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2. Now, choose “Partition Recovery” option for proceeding next step to recover logical partition.

How to Recover Logical Partition? - Select Partition Recovery

3. Select your hard drive from which you want to recover logical partition and click on “Next” option.

Logical Partition Recovery - Select Drive

4. After the scanning and recovery process, you can preview recovered data in “Data View” or “File Type View”.

Recover Logical Partition - Save Recovered

Tips and suggestions:

  • 1. If you don’t know to partition the hard drive, then it’s better not to try.
  • 2. Avoid virus attack on your computer by using reliable antivirus application.

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