Android App Lock

Suppose you are using many Apps on your Android phone and have crucial data in the Apps. Whether it is an installed game, WhatsApp messages or emails and so on, you need to keep it safe. If not you, others may damage or make any changes in the App data. You should keep your Android device away from people who have less knowledge or whom you suspect to vary App settings. All the time you can’t keep watching people around you or you can’t carry the Android phone or tablet with you. What can be done in such case? You can’t wait for a mishap to occur and then take a step. There is a better option to solve your problem. Locking your Android Apps, help you keep data safe in the Apps. You can be free from the fear of someone accessing and making changes on your Android device.

Android phones don’t come with any inbuilt feature to lock Android Apps. There are some Apps made for locking Apps on Android. These Apps can be installed and used on your Android devices for locking selected Apps. You can unlock them whenever you want. With these App locking Apps, you are no longer feel the need to watch your phone always. This makes you freely allow people to view your phone. You need not to worry about people reading your private messages. Never bother about the children changing any settings of your Apps, playing games, etc.

There are many App locker programs but which one to use? This may be the next thing that is on your mind. You should choose reliable App for your Android device. The App locker should not affect the accessibility of App by you in any way. It sometimes happens that you lock certain Apps on your Android device and you uninstall the App locker only. What happens then? It depends on the App locker using which you had locked the Apps. If the App programming is such that you can unlock App only till the locker App in on the phone then it will be very pathetic to lose the App locker.

Remo MORE App doesn’t have this problem. If you have locked some Apps and uninstalled Remo MORE, then the locked Apps will automatically be unlocked. There are lots of advantages of using this software which are as given ahead.

Remo MORE App to lock Android Apps:

Remo MORE helps you to lock Android Apps on Android tablets and phones. This utility can be used to lock selected Apps and each time when anyone tries to open the App, it asks for the password which you had set on this application. You can unlock the Apps anytime using MORE App. It offers you the most advanced settings on it. To experience it and explore more on MORE, install it now on your Android device. This application can also be used to lock files, audios, videos and images on your Android OS. Try this App for free and enjoy easy management, optimization, recovery and enhancement of data on Android.

Simple steps to lock Android Apps:

Step 1 – Download and install Remo MORE App on your Android device. Run the App and tap on “Manage” option to get the screen as shown in Fig 1. Then tap on “Locker” option.

Lock Android Apps - Main Screen

Fig 1. Main Screen

Step 2 – In next screen, you will get the option to set a password as shown in Fig 2. Then you will be prompted to next screen. The next time when you want to use “Locker” option, you need to enter the password which you have set.

Lock Android Apps - Locker Enter Password

Fig 2. Locker Enter Password

Step 3 – The next screen appears as shown in Fig 3. Select “Apps” option from the screen.

Lock Android Apps - Locker Main Screen

Fig 3. Locker Main Screen

Step 4 – You will get the list of all Apps on your Android device in the next screen as shown in Fig 4.

Lock Android Apps - Display All Apps

Fig 4. Display All Apps

Step 5 – Tap on the icon of unlocked lock corresponding to the Apps which you want to lock. The Apps will be locked. In below Fig 5., Barcode Scanner is locked. Press on the lock icon to unlock the App.

Lock Android Apps - Tap to Lock App

Fig 5. Tap to Lock App