Recover Missing Partition in Windows 7

Windows 7 is one of the most popular Operating System developed by Windows. Windows 7 has got three editions namely Windows Home Premium, Windows Ultimate and Windows Professional. Generally, you need a hard drive to store Windows 7 Operating System. Hard drives are the most important and vital component of a computer. Hard disks are very important because it stores all types of data.

Partitioning means simply dividing the mass storage into isolated sections. You can partition a disk and each partition will work as a separate disk drive. Partitioning helps to run multiple operating systems. For example, you can run Windows Vista on one partition and Windows 7 on another partition. The file system that you have assigned for example, FAT which automatically assigns cluster size based on the disk size i.e., the larger the disk, longer the cluster.

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Loss of partition from Windows 7 is quite a serious problem. It is really troublesome and hectic. Once the Windows 7 partition is missing or lost, you have to face complicated operations. But as the technology advances, there is no need to worry about how to recover missing partition in Windows 7. You can recover missing partition in Windows 7 with the help of a Windows 7 Partition Recovery Software.

Most of you have multiple partitions on your hard disk. There are lot of advantages and benefits of having multiple partitions or volumes. One of the main advantage is you can separate user files from operating system and disk drives with the help of multiple partitions. Commonly used programs or data can be stored or kept together. Cache and log files can be separated. Multiple partitions helps to improve the performance of the operating system as it is easy to govern smaller partitions than maintaining a big partition. Sometimes your hard drive partitions may get corrupted. Click here to recover corrupted hard drive partition.

There are several reasons that causes loss of Windows 7 partition. Few of them are:

  1. 1. Improper usage of “Windows Disk Management” tool to resize or change the file system may cause loss of Windows 7 partition. 
  2. 2. Following improper procedure while installing or re-installing Windows Operating System may also results in loss of Windows 7 partition.
  3. 3. Creating a new partition from existing partition using third party tools can result in missing partitions.
  4. 4. You may also lose your Windows 7 partition if corruption occurs to MFT or FAT table.

Regardless of what type of disk drives you are using there is always a chance of files getting infected with virus, malwares or Trojans from the web or from portable storage devices. It could be devastating to your hard drive resulting in changing the partition into unused space or simply deleting the partition etc. If you have lost the files due to any of the above mentioned reasons from your FAT partition then don't worry as it is possible to retrieve lost files from FAT system.

Main recovery tips that can increase the chances of recovering files from missing Windows 7 partition is that, you need to avoid copying your files or your content that you posses on your drive from where you have lost your Windows 7 partition. It is because, it will increase the possibility to overwrite which will make recovery a difficult task.


    • * Recover lost files from missing partition of Windows 7.
    • * Recover data from hard drives having bad sectors by creating disk images.
    • * Restore missing partition formatted with FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, ExFat file systems.
    • * Recover partitions that are missing due to various reasons like virus attack, accidental system shut down, power failure or error in hard drive related problems.
    • * It can also retrieve data from external hard drive partitions.
    • * It also support recovery from Seagate hard drives including different brands like Maxtor, Buffalo, Iomega, Hitachi etc.

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    How to recover missing partition in Windows 7?

    1. Download and install Windows 7 partition recovery software in your computer. Select “Recover Drive” from the main screen.

    How to Recover Missing Partition in Windows 7  - Main Screen

    Figure A. Main Screen

    2. Select “Partition Recovery” to recover lost or missing partition. Select the drive from which the lost or missing partition needs to be recovered and click on “Next

    How to Recover Missing Partition in Windows 7  - Select Partition Recovery

    Figure B. Select Partition Recovery

    3. After the scanning process, all deleted or missing partition will be listed, select the partition that you want to recover and click “Next”. Once the recovery is done, recovered files from lost Windows 7 partition will be listed. Select the destination location to save the recovered files.

    How to Recover Missing Partition in Windows 7 - Recovered Files

    Figure C. Data View

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