FAT HDD Recovery Tool

Often people are confronted with the popup box when clicking the partition of hard disk. That pop up box contains a message and that is “Disk is not formatted do you want to format it”. Or else it also sometimes display when you insert external hard disk, USB, memory card, etc. in computer system. If you are having the FAT file system hard disk and you have formatted it after the error message displays then don’t worry. Still you have the option to perform FAT hard drive recovery. If you want to perform data recovery from ExFAT particularly, one can use ExFAT Hard Disk Recovery Software.

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This is nothing but an error showing that you need to format the FAT hard disk. You might be thinking, lastly, when you shut down your system it was nothing like to format the disk then why this happened?

This error was unexpected to occur from user side but there are number of processes that are going behind the scene. The processes runs behind in system and if hindered then can result in this kind of error generation. Therefore, if you are facing such kind of problem, then you have to follow the steps as said and there is no other option left in front of you. The FAT partititon showing this kind of errors needs to be formatted then only you will gain access to it & for that you need to perform FAT hard disk recovery.

The “Access Denied” message appears if you forcefully try to open the disk. The performed action will delete all data from FAT hard disk and result in data loss. This is very awkward condition to face when the data from the FAT hard disk is missing. Users generally get frustrated when this occurs & starts searching ways to attain FAT hard disk recovery.

No worries & no issues you have to face. Source is exists to perform FAT hard drive recovery. Recovery is the best way to get the data as they were previously in the hard disk. You can also read here to find more information on corrupt partition data recovery. I guess you will be eager to know that what all are the situations that lead you to loss of data. Probably, they are in numbers that result in this. 

  • When reinstalling OS then there is a need to format the FAT hard drive and results in complete deletion of data
  • Influence of virus in the system is sometimes so strong that sometimes it causes the FAT hard drive partitions inaccessible and at the last, there is only the option of formatting is left. To recover corrupted FAT32 drive, this tool will be very helpful.
  • Other very most common thing to happen is the accidental format
  • Deletion of system files stored in C drive of FAT hard drive
  • “Shift + delete” is the option that also ends the last restoring option from Recycle Bin

Therefore, those were the reason why data loss from FAT hard drive occurs & you will need a tool to attain FAT hard disk recovery. The one and only one term is there that can make you feel relax and that is recovery. User can perform FAT HDD recovery but there is only condition that needs to be followed. Once the FAT hard drive is crashed/ formatted / reformatted or such kind of data loss issues occurs then don’t try to reinstall the OS in the FAT hard drive & just keep it idle at some safe place. This will probably keep the data safer even after complete deletion of file (which is just an illusion). To complete the recovery user ought to use the ExFAT HDD recovery software. If you want to recover NTFS partition then you can visit: http://www.exfatrecovery.net/ntfs-partition.html.

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To use the FAT hard drive recovery software is really very easy and even newbie will face no such problems while accomplishing the task. In any case of some difficulty you can contact to our 24 * 7 support team. If you are looking for a tool to recover deleted or lost data from Hitachi Travelstar notebook hard drive, then this software is the perfect solution. Visit www.exfatrecovery.net/data-from-hitachi-travelstar.html for complete details.

Follow the instruction to perform FAT HDD recovery:

Step 1: Launch the FAT hard drive recovery software after downloading and installing it in the system. Select the “Recover Drives” option.

FAT Hard Drive Recovery - Main Screen

Figure A. Main Screen

Step 2: From next screen either select “Partition Recovery” or “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery” option.

FAT Hard Drive Recovery - Select appropriate option

Figure B. Select appropriate option

Step 3: Select the “Drive” from where you have to recover the data.

FAT Hard Drive Recovery - Select Drive

Figure C. Select Drive

Step 4: Finally user can “Save” the recovered files.

FAT Hard Drive Recovery - Save Recovered

Figure D. File View

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