Recover Formatted ExFAT Partition

In today’s world, computers come with different operating systems such as Windows operating system which comes with different versions such as Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003 and many more. Same counts to the Mac operating system which has many versions under it. While some comes with a single partition, others have multiple partitions to store different types of information in different partitions. FAT partitions are capable of supporting partitions of up-to 4 GB, which is relatively small. In ExFAT partition, the maximum size of a single partition is very large i.e. it’s of 64GB, which supports storage of large files. People store huge amount of information on these volumes related to their office work, their day to day activities, installed applications and much more. The data present in these drives is lost when you accidentally format the partition, and as a result of various scenarios that are mentioned below. Need not panic as this information is not completely erased from the ExFAT partition and can be recovered effectively keeping the file names intact by using the formatted ExFAT partition recovery.

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Loss of data in ExFAT partitions is caused by:

Accidental formatting or deletion: While formatting the system partition on your drive you may end up selecting the wrong drive, as a result, all the important information stored in it will be erased. Using formatted ExFAT partition recovery tool you can efficiently restore deleted files from ExFAT drive.

While installing multiple Operating Systems:  While installing a new operating system in the selected partition, sometimes you forget to keep a backup of the all the information present on it. This leads to loss of data from that particular drive as OS installation formats the entire partition before installing a new one. If you want to recover files for Windows which are lost / deleted then you have the best option and that is to use this tool.

Power Surge:  Power cuts while using the system or while transferring files from one device to another, may lead to file system corruption that makes the files inaccessible or even delete them.

Malware Infection: If the system is affected by a virus or a malware, then nothing on your system is safe. Viruses may cause serious corruptions to the file systems, thereby the data present inside the partition also becomes damaged or even deleted.

The formatted ExFAT partition recovery tool comes with advanced built in features to recover formatted ExFAT Partition within minutes. You can easily restore data from ExFAT hard disk after reinstalling Windows. This recovery application has been designed in such a way that it recover formatted ExFAT Partition which are not accessible, and the ones which are crashed or which does not boot as a result of partitioning error if you want to know more about teh software that can help you to restore formatted ExFAT partition, then click the link. It identifies and restores 300 types of files including documents, spreadsheets, zip archives email archives, and other important files recognized by their unique signatures.The recovered files can be viewed according to their name, signature or creation date.

Save Recovery Session allows the user to save the current session so that you need not scan the entire ExFAT partition again to recover and save the lost data. Files can be previewed before saving those files from the formatted partition and they can also be compressed which help in saving the memory space. This software also helps to recover files from damaged hard drive ,no matter it is internal or external hard drive. Check Here for more info regarding hard drive recovery.

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Steps to restore formatted ExFAT partition on Win XP & other versions:

1. Download and install the software in the system to recover formatted ExFAT partition data. Select “Recover Partitions/Drives” option from the main screen to restore formatted ExFAT partition

Recover Formatted ExFAT Partition - Main Screen

2. Select “Formatted/Reformatted Recovery” option from the next screen.

Recover Formatted ExFAT Partition - Select Formatted/Reformatted Recovery

4. Files recovered are listed in “Data View” or “File Type View”.  Save required file to other destination.

Recover Formatted ExFAT Partition - Save Recovered

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