Microsoft Windows XP Registry Defrag

The speed and performance of your computer reduces with time. This is due to severe fragmentation of your system registry. On your Windows XP, the data will be written to and deleted from registry, frequently. Registry is like a database which keeps record of many things like, Operating System configuration, settings of installed programs, hardware devices, user preferences and so on.

The registry is used very frequently by the operating system for any information saved in Registry. The OS takes time to locate any files that are saved discontinuously on system Registry because of fragmentation. When some files are deleted from Registry, free space will be created on Registry and new file fragments will be saved there. This results in further fragmentation of Registry entry. Hence you can come to know how more fragmented your system Registry will be with time. The data access process becomes very slow because of fragmentation. To increase the performance of the system, you need to perform defragmentation.

When you are tired of slow system then boost up its performance by defragmenting Registry file on it. Microsoft provides PageDefrag software for defragmenting Registry on Windows XP. Open the application and select “Defragment at next boot” and reboot your Windows XP system. The Registry will be defragged and you could see the information getting displayed on your computer about files that are getting defragmented. But sometimes this tool may not defrag all files on your Registry.

Need to defrag Windows XP Registry:

You may have to be very fast at your work as you might have a lot of obligations at office. In such situations, you can’t keep defragging Windows XP Registry of your computer frequently. You want to perform complete defragmentation of Windows XP Registry. What can you do for complete Registry defrag then? Do not worry, you can perform defrag process on Windows XP Registry using Remo MORE. You can optimize your system performance with few clicks using this utility.

Using Remo MORE to defrag Windows XP Registry:

Remo MORE helps you to defrag system registry on Windows XP without any difficulty. This utility provides you an option of optimizing your data on computer. The optimize option includes Defrag Registry option in Registry cleaner. You can Defrag Registry of Windows XP easily using this program how huge the size of the Registry may be. The registry cleaner analyses the Registry and defragments it in few minutes when your system will not be responsive for a while. You can even clean your Registry with Clean Registry option and keep your Registry clean from unwanted registry errors and make your system work smooth. There is one more option which is provided for backing up registry file. This can help you escape any problem of registry corruption. You can restore the backed up registry file when it is corrupt. On top of everything, the application has multitasking capability like Recover, Manage and Enhance along with Optimize.

Procedure to defrag Windows XP Registry:

Step 1: Download and install Remo MORE on Windows computer. Select “Optimize” from main screen of software to get a screen as shown in Figure 1. Then select “Registry Cleaner” option.

Defrag Windows XP Registry - Main Screen

Figure 1. Main Screen

Step 2: Select “Defrag Registry” from next screen as shown in Figure 2.

Defrag Windows XP Registry - Select Defrag Registry

Figure 2. Select Defrag Registry

Step 3: The Regisrty Cleaner analyses the registry as shown in Figure 3.

Defrag Windows XP Registry - Analyse Registry

Figure 3. Analyse Registry

Step 4: You will get the defragmentation report of Registry as shown in Figure 4.

Defrag Windows XP Registry - Registry Defrag Report

Figure 4. Registry Defrag Report

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