ExFAT Data Recovery Tool

A file system is responsible for organizing files and directories & keeping track of the used and unused memory space. ExFAT is the latest & advanced file system from Microsoft for their operating systems like Microsoft Win 7 and Microsoft Win Vista. It also works with Microsoft Windows Server. ExFAT file system can be used where NTFS is not an appropriate solution.

The exFAT file system is better than NTFS, but still in some situations, you may face strange problems with the exFAT file system that may prevent you from accessing the data inside it, causing serious data loss. Then you have to make use of a best ExFAT recovery software i.e. ExFAT Data Recovery Tool.

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The data inside the ExFAT partition may get deleted or lost due to many reasons (they can be recovered using the ExFAT Recovery Software, if you want to know just click the link http://www.exfatrecovery.net/software.html). Some of them are listed below–

Human mistakes - The most commonly made mistake is accidentally deleting some important data from exFAT partition instead of some unwanted files. Unintentional formatting of USB drives containing important data like family pictures, important business document, etc can also happen to anyone of you and the situation becomes worse when you don’t have the backup too. Therefore, an efficient recovery tool is what you require.

Loss due to reformatting - When you try to convert hard drive file system from exFAT to any other file system or vice-versa and the process gets interrupted due to any reason, then there are chances of data loss from your exFAT partition as the interruption may corrupt the file system. To retrieve formatted  ExFAT drive data, you require an efficient recovery tool because data retrieval from a formatted/reformatted partition can be a tedious job.

Repartitioned exFAT While resizing or repartitioning the exFAT partition, the data present in that drive might get deleted or lost due to many reasons. So, always keep a backup of all your important data so that after repartitioning you are not at a total loss.

Malware infectionWhen you use your system on an unsecured network or download a malicious program or file, your file system might get affected due to that infection, thereby making it corrupted. There are very high chances of data loss from a corrupted file system. If you connect a USB drive or any other flash drive to the infected system, its file system is also very likely to get affected that results in a data loss.

The tool is capable to perform FAT hard drive recovery and it takes very less time to do such task. The software is easy to use and recover data from ExFAT drive.

Improper system shutdown and hard drive formatting to reinstall the operating system can also be the reasons for data loss from exFAT partition. No matter how the files are deleted or lost, the data recovery software is there to save your files. This effective tool has simple GUI that guides you how to recover data from ExFAT drive in few simple steps. It can also be used to find deleted files from FAT32 external drives. Get additional information to restore deleted files on FAT32 external storage devices.

You should make use of exFAT data recovery tool to recover data from ExFAT drive. It has been designed by some of the most efficient industry experts. The highly effective scanning algorithm embedded inside it makes it the best tool in the market to restore deleted files from exFAT partition.

There are various storage media that are available in the market. These devices are more commonly used for sharing and keeping backup of the information that is present in the system. Due some application faults or as result of some other reasons the files may go missing and hence keeps your work pending. Don't worry! You can recover files from flash drive by using the services of this drive recovery tool. This advanced tool has strong scanning algorithms to recover data from ExFAT drive. It easy, safe and fast recovery process to retrieve data from ExFAT drive. It has an ability to restore data from ExFAT drive, FAT and NTFS drive.

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Steps to know how to recover data from ExFAT drive–

1. Download & install exFAT Recovery Tool & run it. On the main screen you will find three options “Recover Files”, “Recover Photos” & “Recover Drives”. Select “Recover Drives” option for data recovery from ExFAT drive.

Recover Data from ExFAT Drive - Main Screen

Figure A. Main Screen

2. Click “Partition Recovery” option on the next screen to know how to recover data from ExFAT drive.

Recover Data from ExFAT Drive - Select Partition Recovery

Figure B. Select Partition Recovery

3. Choose the affected exFAT partition & click “Next” button.

Recover Data from ExFAT Drive l - Select Drive

Figure C. Select Drive

4. Preview the files that can be recovered & if you are satisfied with the results then buy the full version to save the recovered files.  

Recover Data from ExFAT Drive - Save Recovered

Figure D. File View

If you are a Microsoft Windows XP user then see restore ExFAT partition on Windows XP.

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