Corrupted FAT32 Partition Recovery Software

“I'm using the FAT32 file system for my pen drive. It's frequently facing file/data corruptions. Now I am unable to access any of the data saved on it. Please help me to recover corrupted FAT32 drive data as those files are very crucial and I can’t afford to lose them.”

If you are also facing a similar situation, then this write up will come up as a recue for you.

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FAT32 is a version of the file allocation table (FAT) which support larger disks (up to 2 terabytes) and provide better storage efficiency. There are several ways due to which the FAT32 partition might get corrupt or damaged. As a result, all the files present on it will become inaccessible. This is practically an unavoidable situation because corruption scenarios are very frequent to be seen. Let us discuss some of them in which you will definitely need software to recover corrupted FAT32 drive.

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Following are the common reasons due to which FAT32 drive may get corrupted.

Virus Infection – The most common reason for the corruption in any kind of file or drive is virus infection. Viruses may enter your system through the internet (while accessing suspicious sites or downloading malicious data). Your FAT32 partition might also get infected by virus if some malicious data is saved on it. These viruses spread themselves when the infected file is accessed. To avoid virus infection to an extent, use a good quality anti-virus tool.

Partitioning error – Partitioning is done to segregate different kind of data in different place. This makes file management easier and reduces the search time. But if during partitioning if any kind of interruption occurs then there is a chance of corruption in those partitions. This will stop you from accessing the files present on those partitions. The partitioning errors sometimes even lead to operating system corruption. Then the only way is to format and this will remove all the files from your system’s hard drive. To get back data from formatted exFAT partition, visit here.

Improper system shutdown – Improperly shutting down the system might lead to the file system corruption. To avoid this damage, computer system should always be turned off properly and it should be made sure that no program is running. System might get shut down due to sudden power surge or by manually pressing the Power button.

Abruptly removing the external storage device – External storage devices like USB drives and external hard drives also have a FAT32 partition. The FAT32 partition of USB drive might get corrupt if they are removed abruptly from the system. Improper ejection of the USB drive, while transferring or accessing files might also result in the FAT32 corruption.

Changing File system – File system can be changed while reformatting the system but if this process gets terminated due to any reason, then the partition with existing file system might get corrupted. This will make all the files saved on that partition, inaccessible.

To avoid data loss due to any of the above mentioned scenarios and to recover corrupted FAT32 drive data, the EXFAT recovery tool will prove to be very helpful. This advanced tool can also be used to recover partition from external hard drive in a quick time. The user does not require any kind of deep technical knowledge to perform corrupted FAT32 recovery. One just has to follow the onscreen instructions and the complex recovery process will be completed without any difficulty. By making use of the tool’s advanced features and scanning engine, entire drive can be scanned within few minutes. To get an idea of the recovery process, download the demo version of the tool and try it for recovery.

Don’t thing like this recovery tool is targeted towards FAT32 drive recovery; using this tool you can recover data from Windows 10 lost partition which has been using NTFS as the default file system. This is also applied to other Windows versions.

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Corrupted FAT32 recovery procedure –

Step 1 – From the main screen select “Recover Drives” option.

Recover Corrupted FAT32 Drive - Main Screen

Figure A. Main Screen

Step 2 – Then select “Partition Recovery” option.

Recover Corrupted FAT32 Drive - Partition Recovery

Figure B. Select Partition Recovery

Step 3 – Now choose the corrupted FAT32 partition and click the next arrow button to start the scanning process.

Recover Corrupted FAT32 Drive - Select Drive

Figure C. Select Drive

Step 4 – After that a list of recovered data is displayed. Preview the files. If the results are satisfying then buy the full version to save the restored data.

Recover Corrupted FAT32 Drive - Save Recovered

Figure D. Save Recovered

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