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Data security is extremely important now a day in this technically growing global village. As there are lot of malicious minded people who use your essential data for making capital without any efforts. The confidential data can be your personal bank info, significant documents saved in your hard drive.

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Take a scenario where you need to sell your computer or hard drive on which you have stored your confidential data and you don’t want it to be spread or share with others, so in order to keep safe your confidential data from other hands or to permanently delete files on Windows 7 system you may perform the following tasks:

  • Deleting Files: With the help shift + delete key combination you may delete your confidential data in order to clean free space Windows 7.

  • Emptying Recycle bin: You may try to permanently delete files on Windows 7 by deleting files from recycle bin.

  • Formatting the Hard Drive: In order to delete your confidential data permanently, you may format your hard drive where the data was stored.

Most of the people still believe that once the data files get deleted using the above mentioned scenarios will permanently remove all the deleted files from their system or hard drive. However it’s not true. Though the files are deleted but they still reside on the drive and can be easily restored with the help of data recovery software. But maintaining the privacy on data storage device is not as simple as we think.

When you delete files from your Windows 7 computer to clean free space Windows 7, only the references to the file gets deleted. This deletion only makes the file invisible and inaccessible to the user but the hard drive does not delete files permanently Windows 7. Instead the allocation era or the index of the file system (FAT or NTFS) tags the space used y the deleted file as empty. But the actual content of the file will always exist even if the file has been deleted until it is overwritten by the new files. Deleted files, which are not overwritten, can be easily recovered by any recovery tool.

Hence if you have confidential data, how will you delete files permanently on Windows 7 beyond recovery? Don’t be panic just be relaxed because you can effortlessly erase all your important data files permanently just by few mouse clicks. In order to ensure that your deleted files are lost forever, you need to use a file eraser tool to achieve this. One such utility is Remo MORE, which helps you to delete files permanently Windows 7 that too beyond recovery.

Key Features of Remo MORE

Remo MORE is an advanced and complete file erasing tool especially designed to permanently delete files on Windows 7 system. Just by few mouse clicks you can easily delete your important data permanently. This software presents a hierarchical explorer view to select files and folders that are to be deleted. It has a simple user interface that help even non-technical person to use the software comfortably. It uses shredding pattern used for overwriting the files are classified into three levels of shredding files they are Low, Medium and High security Shredding Patterns. It ensures data security.

How to Clean Free Space Windows 7?

Step 1: Download Remo MORE software and select “Manage” from the main screen

Clean Free Space Windows 7 - Home Page

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Step 2: Go to "Data Wipe" option and then click on “Free Space Wipe

Clean Free Space Windows 7 - Select Free Space Wipe

Step 3: Now choose the drive from which you want to clean free space

Clean Free Space Windows 7 - Select Drive

Step 4: Wait until the tool cleans the free space on the selected drive

Clean Free Space Windows 7 - Wiping

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