How to Auto Shutdown Windows XP?

Windows XP is an Operating System developed by Microsoft, and it has been provided with the most integrated and easy to use inbuilt facilities to its users. This OS has more advanced features with greater stability, security and enhanced performance. Therefore, it is the second most popular Windows Operating System. Windows XP can be used on your Desktop computer and laptops as it provides improved drivers and simple user interface for devices.

However, if you want to make your Windows XP shutdown automatically after it finishes downloading movies or some other large file then don’t worry because it is possible to auto shutdown Windows XP system by using some appropriate Software. If you are having some urgent work, scheduled meeting or cannot wait until the download process completes if you are downloading some large file then at that time instead of wasting time to shutdown your system, you can schedule it to shutdown automatically and then you can carry on with your work.

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Why to schedule auto shutdown windows XP system?

Consider a situation where you had been scheduled a task to auto backup your Windows XP system in your office. But this task is slowing down your system performance for which you would like auto backup your data after office timing and soon after auto backup you want to automatically shutdown Windows XP system which can be done by using some advanced software. There are situations like, you are downloading some important data such as movies which will take some time to download but you can’t wait till it gets downloaded. In such cases also, you need Software using which you can automatically shutdown Windows XP system in order to save energy because it has been observed that lot of energy is wasted by idle computers. There are even more situations where you would like to shutdown your Windows XP system automatically.

You can auto shutdown Windows XP system manually by performing number of steps. However this procedure is time consuming and apart from that it is very difficult to understand and execute the process in order to automatically shutdown Windows XP system. So you can make this task very easier by using advanced software named as Remo MORE Software. This software can be used to set auto shutdown Windows XP system in just couple of minutes without the help of any system experts.

Special features of Remo MORE Software

Remo MORE Software is an effective tool that guides you step by step on how to auto shutdown Windows XP system. By using this advanced tool, which has been loaded with timer used to schedule auto shutdown Windows XP system. Not only shutdown, you can also schedule your system to get into sleep or hibernation mode. It is a simple user friendly graphical interface, which can be used or operated by any user. This software also supports all other Windows OS versions like Windows Vista, 7 and 8 and Mac version of this software is also used to set automatic shutdown for Mac computers. This software also helps you to compress files, delete duplicate files, lock files, etc. on your Windows and Mac based systems.

How to auto shutdown Windows XP system?

Step 1: Download Remo MORE and install it on your Windows XP system to automatically turn off Windows XP. Run the software and click on “Manage” option to get the screen as shown in Figure 1. Select “Shutdown Manager” from the screen as you want to set auto shutdown on your Windows XP system.

Figure 1: Main Screen

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Step 2: The next screen will appear as shown in Figure 2 to auto shutdown Win XP. Turn ON the Scheduling to enable the options to schedule automatic system shutdown Windows XP.

Figure 2: Shutdown Manager Main Screen

Step 3: Set the time of shutdown and specify the date on which you want the program to run. You can schedule the task on daily, one time or weekly basis as shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3: Shutdown Manager Activated

Step 4: Then click on “Apply” to complete schedule process. You will get a pop up message stating, “Settings saved” as shown in Figure 4. You can turn off the scheduler whenever you want.

Figure 4: Shutdown Manager Saved

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